vandermark / drake / mcbride

January 2000, Hamid Drake, Nate McBride and Ken Vandermark recorded "Spaceways Incorporated", an album that was a mix of Sun Ra and Funkadelic compositions. The album got released on the Atavistic label.
In 2004, Spaceways Incorporated teamed up with italian ensemble Zu for a split release. The result also featured Sun Ra material.


  vandermark / drake / mcbride: spaceways incorporated - thirteen cosmic standards by sun ra & funkadelic
    (2000, cd, usa, atavistic alp120cd) - incl. various sun ra compositions

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  spaceways incorporated: version soul
    (200?, cd, usa, atavistic alp 132cd)
  zu & spaceways incorporated: radiale
    (2004, cd, usa, atavistic) - incl. sun ra compositions

zu_spacewaysinc_cd_radiale.jpg (51454 bytes)






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