bruno vansina

nirvana bonus and the demons of shame
- feat. pierre vervloesem

2011 cd bel rat records rat 011


bruno vansina: vocals, saxophones, flute, additional keyboard and loops
gilles mortiaux: guitar and vocals
peter vandenberghe: keyboards
teun verbruggen: drums
pierre vervloesem: bass, additional guitar, vocals, tambourin

mixed and mastered by pierre vervloesem

produced by bruno vansina

all compositions by bruno vansina

  1. what's wrong with you

  2. i can see you

  3. nirvana bonus

  4. i'm so broken

  5. mwallaa

  6. you are my everything

  7. end of a story

  8. i don't know a place to go

  9. the gnome part II

  10. projection of a direction

  11. nirvana get's it - grand finale