vicki vomit

german band vici vomit & dkd2h recorded frank zappa's ‘disco boy’.

  vicki vomit & dkd2h: bumm bumm
    (1997, cd, ger, modern music records nz 0007-2) – incl. ‘disco boy’ (frank zappa)


random notes

     From: Kristian Kier (
1997, Vicki Vomit und die Kraft der 2 Herzen, "Bumm Bumm", contains a cover of "Disco Boy" in the german language. Modern Music Records GmbH, NZ 0007-2

     From: Marc De Bruyn (
Vicky Vomit & die Kraft der 2 Herzen ("Vicky Vomit & the power of the two hearts") is a German band playing straight heavy rock (in German). Their fourth album "Bumm Bumm" (1997, Modern Music Records, nz 0007-2) contains a cover version of Frank Zappa's "Disco Boy". The album should have been taken out of the stores by now: apparently one of the songs is about Vicky wanting to make love to a German minister ("Liebe with Claudia"), who filed complaint...

     From: "Fekete Istvan Dr." (
The claudia in question is claudia nolte who was in the kohl gang and is out of office by now the cd is still there, i saw it not long ago in a shop in germany.

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