April 2005, Tom Troccoli said:

Just thought you would like to know that the band I was in from 1994-1998 called Vida recorded and released a song co-written by myself called 'Ravenssong' which is written for and about Cal Schenkel's daughter Raven Harris, and is chock filled with FZ references. Though the CD is long out of print, all our studio material as well as a handful of live shows (with the occasional FZ cover) are all available for FREE download at The Live Music Archive. Here's the link.

Both myself and Dez Cadena, our lead guitarist are both HUGE Zappa heads. It's what made us pals in the first place way back in 1982.

Tom Troccoli




  vida: pensiveness
    (1994, k7, usa, private release)
  vida: s/t
    (1995, cd, usa, the man from uranus)


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