the vilnius string quintet

Zappart, the organisation who, years ago, erected the world's first Frank Zappa statue (in Vilnius), is organising another Zappa event:

The Vilnius String Quintet , in co-operation with the Lithuanian National Philharmonic, will be perfoming Frank Zappa's symphony pieces.

The evening is called "From A Distance", and will take place on the 10th of April in Vilnius, Litheania.


the Vilnius String Quintet,
with guests:
  Danielius Praspaliauskis (saxophone)
  Andrius Kulikauskas (accordion)
  Raimundas Dauginas (keyboard)
  Valerijus Ramoška (trumpet)
  Marijus Aleksa (drums)




-- info: Avo Raup



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