voice of cheez

mother's day love in
- all compositions by frank zappa

2005 2cdr-pro usa private release

= the 2005/05/07 concert at 'nietzsche's' in buffalo, ny, usa

tom fenton: guitar & lead vocals
tina peel: lead vocals and madness
jim iarocci: bass
george olmsted: drums
kilissa cissoko: sax, flute, vocals
cathy carfagna: keys, vocals

disc one

  1. i don't wanna get drafted
  2. my guitar wants to kill your mama
  3. peaches en regalia
  4. oh no / orange county lumber truck
  5. hot plate heaven at the green hotel
  6. status back baby / suzy creamcheese
  7. sharleena / we're not alone
  8. village of the sun
  9. you are what you is
  10. yellow snow
  11. (from the encore)  uncle remus

disc two

  1. cozmik debris
  2. cletus awreetus awrightus
  3. motherly love
  4. mr.green genes / po-jama people / joe's garage / sofa
  5. call any vegetable
  6. lucille has messed my mind up
  7. cheepnis
  8. magic fingers
  9. strictly genteel / finale
  10. dirty love
  11. titties 'n' beer