voltaire brothers

i sing the booty electric
- incl. 'trouble comin' every day' (frank zappa)

2003 cd usa fall of rome records for 1006

j.c. gray: bass, guitars
mick collins: vocals, drums, guitars, keyboards, harmonica
jim diamond: vocals, guitars, keyboards
matt verta-ray: guitars
mike fleming: horns
frank mccullers: horns
daniel collas: keyboards
rob jones: keyboards
mike fleming: flute
john bunkley: vocals
shelia holmes: vocals
deanne iovan: vocals
nate johnson: vocals
mike rodriguez: vocals
jamaal shabazz: vocals

  1. the mother ones (j.gray)
  2. i sing the booty electric (m.collins, j.gray)
  3. which one (m.collins, j.gray)
  4. funky motion (r.foster)
  5. transparabolicwobblemegatronicthangmabutylspasmotickryptorumpalistics (j.gray)
  6. trouble man everyday (j.gray, m.gay, f.zappa)