various artists

acid dreams testament
    incl. teddy & his patches: 'suzy creamcheese' (frank zappa)

2012 lp uk spiral groove


side one

  1. ballon farm: question of temperature
  2. music machine: you love me again
  3. painted faces: anxious color
  4. velvet illusions: velvet illustions
  5. unrelated segments: cry cry cry
  6. outcasts: set me free
  7. murphy & the mob: born loser
  8. sparkles: no friend of mine
  9. painted ship: frustration
  10. mouse & the traps: maid of sugar
  11. macabre: be forwarned
  12. calico wall: i'm a living sickness
  13. velvet illusions: acid head
  14. white light: william

side two

  1. outcasts: 1523 blair
  2. zakary thaks: i need you
  3. painted ship: little white lies
  4. swamp rats: loui loui
  5. unrelated segments: it's unfair
  6. shy guys: black lightning light
  7. bourbons: dark corner
  8. mind's eye: help i'm lost
  9. stereo shoestrings: on the road south
  10. zakary thaks: can you hear
  11. caretakers of decertion: cuttin' grass
  12. remaining few: painted air
  13. teddy & his patches: suzy creamcheese
  14. indian puddin' & pipe: hashish