various artists

affz-cd 2

    - made by members of the newsgroup;
        artwork by cal schenkel

2000 cd usa private pressing

compiled & mastered by patrick neve

artwork by cal schenkel

  1. jerry hull (dr jerry & the periferals): zero sum game
  2. john butler-kerr (wet food): interference 2
  3. john harley: gimme a 5th / the death valley grunge jam II
  4. lewis saul: perpetual penguin and the cowboy
  5. martin higgs: amitabha - buddha of infinite light
  6. michael gula: orchestral rock
  7. michael pierry: southington suite
  8. nik lowenberg: tribute to frank r (dillusions of grandeur)
  9. ninja: ronin
  10. patrick neve: dog star man revisited
  11. disguising godiva: real good friend / dumb
  12. sam rouse: queen's flight
  13. steve cobham: death waltz
  14. steve lewis: hubbub
  15. zoogz rift: asphyxiated