various artists

the album network's rock tune up 132
    - incl. various frank zappa tracks

1995 2cd-promo usa the album network

the second disc is the entire frank zappa "kill ugly radio" promo cd.

  1. hum: stars
  2. beggars: falling down
  3. the stone roses: ten storey love song
  4. faith no more: ricochet
  5. del amitri: roll to me
  6. bad company: down and dirty
  7. sons of elvis: soaking in it
  8. joan osborne: right hand man
  9. chris whitley: o god my heart is ready
  10. peter murphy: the scarlett thing in you
  11. sonny landreth: native stepson
  12. neotone: it haunts us all
  13. stonewheat: know where to go
  14. a a matter of fact...
  15. peaches en regalia
  16. just imagine...
  17. i'm the slime
  18. it has just been passed...
  19. dirty love
  20. joe's garage
  21. you can get a point across...
  22. sexual harassment in the workplace
  23. yeah, well...
  24. murder by numbers
  25. cosmik debris
  26. san ber'dino
  27. the guy on the staten island ferry...
  28. apostrophe (')
  29. valley girl
  30. whipin' post
  31. radio has helped to...
  32. rdnzl