various artists

audio 22
- the mothers of invention:
        'anyway the wind blows'

1996/06 mag + cd greece  


  1. the monochrome set: the jet set junta

  2. the divine comedy: becoming more like alfie

  3. the legendary jim ruiz group: my bloody yugo

  4. the magnetic fields: smoke and mirrors

  5. the freshies: i canít get bouncing babies

  6. the sound: counting the days

  7. rainbirds: in a long long time

  8. raissa: the city shines

  9. suicidal flowers: ease it

  10. tim harrington: coming on again

  11. come: weak as the moon

  12. joel silbersher & charlie owen on your plate

  13. the residents: dagmar, the dog woman

  14. the mothers of invention: anyway the wind blows

  15. the heads: quad

  16. spongehead: dog day

  17. mekons & kathy acker: antigone speaking about herseld

  18. numb: effigy

  19. -

  20. tangerine dream: virtually fields