various artists

the best prog rock album in the world... ever!
- sampler, incl. frank zappa

2003 3cd uk virgin


disc 1

  1. van der graaf generatortheme 1

  2. genesis: dancing with the moonlit knight

  3. yes: roundabout

  4. manfred mannís earthband: joybringer

  5. curved air: back street luv

  6. hawkwind: silver machine

  7. jethro tull: locomotive breath

  8. focus: hocus pocus

  9. emerson, lake and palmer: hoedown

  10. atomic rooster: tomorrow night

  11. deep purple: child in time

  12. colosseum: valentyne suite

disc 2

  1. peter gabriel:  here comes the flood

  2. mike oldfield: tubular bells (part 1) (edit)

  3. caravan: winter wine

  4. kevin ayers & the whole world: may i?

  5. rare bird: sympathy

  6. procol harum: a salty dog

  7. barclay james harvest: mocking bird

  8. anthony phillips with mike rutherford & phil collins: which way the wind blows

  9. emerson, lake and palmer: lucky man

  10. roxy music: in every dream home a heartache

  11. electric light orchestra: 10538 overture

  12. hatfield & the north: mumps

disc 3

  1. frank zappa:  peaches en regalia

  2. camel: rhayader (from the snow goose)

  3. gentle giant: pantagruelís nativity

  4. egg: germ patrol

  5. matching mole: o caroline

  6. greenslade: bedside manners are extra

  7. meditation of the snake: steve hillage

  8. steve hackett: spectral mornings

  9. be bop deluxe: ships in the night

  10. man: keep on crinting

  11. van der graaf generator: plague of lighthouse keepers