various artists

blorp esette - volume 1

- artwork by don van vliet (a.o.) / feat.rick snyder

1977 lp usa los angeles free music society lafms 005

500 copies pressed

intro, neil schneck / dr. odd,electric willy / her father's love, daniel stewart / somebody pooped in their pants, cheezit ritz /the lubricated braggarts countdown, reet/craig / (la(webster7)0), smegma / excerpt from i smell smoke (second to last part), mr. foon / oktaaves, the residents / whoopy snort, the patients / half magic, wolf loop/outro, the professor / two or three unclaimed..., d.k., reet meate / still life, le forte four / japanese super heroes, gods of the pits / the return of the pyramidal oinksnovs, smegma / ya gotta geek the geeker, ace=1, c/s - helene elana armand / hea/aos, ju suk reet meate / reet solo real bass, mr. foon's bandaloon / microphobia, frank bedal / just don't forget, frank is the boss

cover and lable design by don van vliet and ace farren ford.