various artists

blorp esette - volume 2

- artwork by don van vliet (a.o.) / feat.rick snyder

1980 2lp usa los angeles free music society lafms 010/11

250 copies pressed

bix flent / happy birthday behavior, the child molesters / (i'm the) hillside strangler, ace=1, aos c/s / examining upstart art, amy dewolfe / frogsies and fisheggs zuking mushroom headtops in the swamp. the mushroom headtops walk into the unknown. the end (beware of the zookes), rick potts / don't think, doo-dooettes / "from the desk of....the doodooettes", patrick dutchboy lubotamy / delayedelusions 1-5, henry kaiser / mal que arroz, reet/craig / acnode ape, mr. foon / non-trendy guitar piece-1977, electric willy trio / truck drivin' song, dennis duck / evolution song, joe potts / heartphase hotel,  medley: smegma / bubs enter a cold, hard world: harry halibut & his band renoun / the bub walk (from the movie "red tide rock" 1942), electric willy trio / cow town blues, the reverend toad-eater / alden street, medley: the new los grifos band / joe hall's dead; dr. id / idpiece codpiece; ju suk reet meate / hot bee's head hit the wax, patients / (rodan), chip chapman / red light, auto flight, sucmeof the spud / betty moons it, the child molesters / muscle beach party (live), charles wasserburg / my skateboard high. intro and outro to side two by wild man fischer & smegma