various artists

blues beat sessions
    - incl. the private lightning six: 'it's not my fault' with zappa sample

2002 cd spain dro east west 5046607412

compiled by alex van loy

  1. curfew: cujo
  2. r.l. burnside: it's bad you know
  3. wass: summertime
  4. mum: boychild
  5. banzai republic: gambling man
  6. joseph malik: take it all and check it all about
  7. t-model ford, go gittas camp: cut you loose
  8. tapazoid: gravel baby
  9. jumbo layer: misty
  10. lightnin' hopkins: take a trip with me
  11. kid loco: here comes the munchies
  12. the private lightin' six: it's not my fault'    -    incl.zappa sample
  13. olu dara: herbman
  14. paul jones: going back home
  15. matt ward: silverline
  16. dr. john: gris-gris gumbo ya ya
  17. little axe: midnight dream
  18. gare du nord: pablo's blues
  19. bessie jones: sometimes