various artists

breaktime for surf: the world of paul buff, vol.1
- feat.contributions by frank zappa

2012 3cd-box usa crossfire publications

feat.contributions by frank zappa

disc 1

  1. stardusters: c jam blues

  2. johnny fortune: chinese surfer (demo)

  3. the masters (ronnie, johnnie and paul): t bone (undubbed single master - stereo mix)

  4. the masters: breaktime

  5. johnny gatewood: pocketful of rainbows

  6. arty & the supremes: hombre (second single version)

  7. johnny barakat and the vestells: long ride

  8. bobby & linda: i'm mostly lonely

  9. the bongo teens: last night (stereo mix)

  10. dino dupree and the pharaohs: jive 'n

  11. ned barthlow quartet: keep on believing (single version)

  12. the hustlers: barefooted venture

  13. paul buff: runaway wedding song

  14. rené and ray: do what you feel

  15. the rotations: la gran ola (heavies) (without surf effects)

  16. the ascots: i'm touched

  17. the bongo teens: forget it (stereo mix)

  18. the masters/chester martin: come back my love (double-tracked vocal)

  19. the sonny wilson band: guitar workout

  20. ron roman: tell me

  21. the bongo teens: the happy surfer (stereo mix)

  22. lori allison (allison buff): save your kisses

  23. ned barthlow quartet: whistling in the wind (single version)

  24. the masters: for sonny

  25. the catalinas: your tender lips

  26. brian lord and the midnighters: the big surfer

  27. lori lynn (allison buff): heart stealer

  28. the rotations: the cruncher (without surf effects)

  29. the masters/chester martin: let me love you

  30. the biscaines: gas house rock


disc 2

  1. the masters: tropical toothpick

  2. the esquires: flashin' red

  3. the pharos: rhythm surfer

  4. paul buff: cause i love you (demo version)

  5. sonny wilson: drowning in an ocean of tears

  6. the hustlers: hangin' five

  7. paul conrad (paul buff): chocolate milk (demo - short version)

  8. dino dupree and the pharaohs: chaser

  9. ned barthlow quartet: baby, now you've got me (single version)

  10. claremont senior high school: words for 1961 graduates

  11. bobby ray: encinada way (stereo mix)

  12. paul buff: too young (version 1)

  13. gene gray and the stingerays: surf bunny

  14. the catalinas: thinking of you (version 1)

  15. johnny fortune: the battle of jericho (take 1)

  16. sonny wilson: lonely nights (outtake version)

  17. the esquires: what a burn!

  18. bobby & linda: say a little prayer

  19. the genteels: hitch hiker

  20. johnny barakat and the vestells: happy time

  21. paul buff: she's got a 60 cycle brain (stereo mix)

  22. johnny gatewood: over and done

  23. ned barthlow quartet: i still belong to you (single version)

  24. sonny wilson: squirrel cage (outtake/master)

  25. bill helber & charles zetterberg: clar-e-mont

  26. the midnighters: not another one!

  27. mike dineri: stormy weather (mix 2)

  28. gene gray and the stingerays: surfer's mood

  29. bobby ray: ella marie

  30. paul buff: chocolate milk (2007 version)


disc 3
  1. the biscaines: molotov cocktail
  2. paul conrad (paul buff): one night alone
  3. johnny barakat and the vestells: all night long
  4. the ascots: perfect love
  5. mike dineri: shanda
  6. sonny wilson: my proudest possession
  7. paul buff: you are the one i love
  8. the bongo teens: wipe out (stereo mix)
  9. ned barthlow quartet: whistling in the wind (alternate take)
  10. ronnie and the casuals: moe joe
  11. the hustlers: hangin' five (alternate take)
  12. the pauls: cathy my angel
  13. the masters: drivin'
  14. paul buff: betty jane
  15. the biscaines: stormy weather
  16. ron roman: love of my life
  17. the bongo teens: surfin' u.s.a. (stereo mix)
  18. the pauls: 'til september
  19. mike dineri: saxville
  20. lori allison (allison buff): going out of my mind
  21. paul buff: romance theme
  22. the catalinas: gonna tell
  23. the velveteens: johnny's jump
  24. paul buff: too young (version 2)
  25. the bongo teens: bustin' surfboards (stereo mix)
  26. the catalinas: thinking of you (version 2)
  27. the truants: sunset surf
  28. the masters: let me love you (instrumental)
  29. the biscaines: summertime
  30. the pal studio combo: adios