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paul buff presents the pal and original sound studio archives, vol.17
- feat.contributions by frank zappa

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    (2011, flash-drive, usa, crossfire publications) = the complete 35 album series, with bonus liner notes on pdf and 56 extra tracks

various tracks recorded by Paul Buff

  1. giant crab: a giant crab comes forth

  2. giant crab: e.s.p. (alternate version)

  3. dino dupre(e): ambrosial (alternate version)

  4. paul buff: piano 5

  5. jody reynolds: come on twist (1960 version)

  6. the buff organization: happy birthday joyce

  7. jody reynolds: bony moronie

  8. the pal studio band: cucamonga surf (alternate take)

  9. paul buff: paul sings!

  10. the hollywood persuaders: grunion run (alternate mono mix)

  11. johnny fisher: dream tonight (second stereo mix)

  12. the pal studio band: straight ahead

  13. paul buff: guitar/vocal

  14. the masters: toothpick boogie (stereo mix)

  15. johnny atlan (johnny fisher): indian maid (backing track 2)

  16. the pal studio band: sun dog (alternate take)

  17. paul buff: piano/bass

  18. the bongo teens: bustin' surfboards

  19. the tornadoes: shootin' beavers

  20. the pharos: rhythm surfer

  21. johnny barakat and the vestells: surfin' bread (shortnin' bread)

  22. the hollywood persuaders: juarez (stereo mix)

  23. big brother featuring ernie joseph: heart full of rain

  24. johnny barakat and the vestells: surf madness

  25. big brother featuring ernie joseph: 403 halkirk (edit)

  26. paul buff: love is a stranger (instrumental)

  27. kspc: chaffey college "freak out in cucamonga" promo 2

liner notes by Greg Russo

Welcome to Volume 17 of Paul Buff's 20-volume series of recordings from Pal Studios and Original Sound Studios! Pal Records was a record company run by his mother Olivia and stepfather Ward Allen. After Paul Buff was honorably discharged from the military, he finished putting together Pal Studios in December 1957. The studio costs were $12.50/hour for mono recording and $15/hour for stereo. Local musicians booked the studio to make recordings of their rehearsals and repertoire. When Pal Records wound itself down in mid-1959, Paul Buff created his first record label - Emmy. Other labels (Plaza, Yukon and Vigah!) would follow shortly thereafter. The music presented on this series was released on extremely rare records that would literally cost thousands if you can find them. In addition, there are many unreleased tracks spanning from 1960 to 1969. Paul Buff is now making them available again for everyone to appreciate.

As we know, The Buff Organization's "Upside Down World" was released as the B-side of a single on Original Sound. What most people don't know is that it was also used as the background music on the Giant Crab title track and album opener "A Giant Crab Comes Forth." The track was completely created by Paul Buff without any involvement from the band - not that he was credited! The narration (which mentions every track on the album!) was done by KIST (Santa Barbara, California) DJ Johnny Fairchild, who appeared on and/or promoted all of the albums that Bill Holmes produced. Even though "E.S.P." was not on the album, "A Giant Crab Comes Forth" is its perfect lead-in.
Giant Crab was led by Ernie Joseph Orosco, who previously helmed Ernie And The Emperors and Ernie's Funnys. As the band's deal with Uni ran out after two albums and the single "E.S.P.," Ernie re-equipped his band with new personnel and became Big Brother Featuring Ernie Joseph. Volume 16 featured Giant Crab's powerful "E.S.P." The recording was remixed and resequenced with tons of additional phasing for subsequent re-release as by Big Brother Featuring Ernie Joseph. (For those that care about such things [and you should!], the original intro and cold ending were not used for the resequenced version. The backing vocals are also lower in the resequenced mix.) Before the phasing was added, the alternate version included here was put together. Since the recording was mixed automatically by Paul Buff's Kepex system, creating a new mix was no problem! This version has never been heard before. The more familiar (and final) single version appears on Volume 20.

Our third track is an alternate version of Dino Dupree's "Ambrosial." This song was released as the B-side on Buff's Plaza label, but not in this way. This mix was considered inferior to the one that appeared on Volume 1, so we have reserved it until now! Paul Buff's "Piano 5" is a backing track for a demo version of Sonny Wilson's "My Proudest Possession," but you would never know it because the melody is not present on this demo!

Tracks 5 and 7 come from a Jody Reynolds session tape at Pal from June 4, 1960. On Volumes 7 and 8, we heard Jody's Emmy single "Dusty Skies"/ "Come On Twist." Those tracks were cut in the spring of 1962. The session from June 1960 has never been released, and featured Reynolds recording an early version of "Come On Twist" and a cover of the Larry Williams hit "Bony Moronie" - both featured here for the first time. Chubby Checker's "The Twist" was released on July 9, 1960, so Jody's song was done in response to Hank Ballard And The Midnighters' original version of "The Twist." Another song listed on the tape box was the Reynolds original "Here Comes That Feeling," but it was not to be found on the tape.

The previous volume had two Frank Zappa-produced tracks by The Pal Studio Band: "Sun Dog" and "Cucamonga Surf." Not only do we have earlier takes of both songs on this volume, we also have the track "Straight Ahead." If you listen closely to this version of "Sun Dog," you can hear FZ saying "wayo" just before it starts! In addition, the original ending of "Cucamonga Surf" was arranged differently. "Straight Ahead" is exactly that, and check out the screaming 18-second guitar note two-thirds of the way through!

The Buff Organization's "Happy Birthday Joyce" was devoted to Allison's friend that was the one whose money bailed Frank Zappa out of jail in March 1965! "Paul Sings!" shows Paul Buff working on his vocal chops, including a brief snippet of "Your Tender Lips." Speaking of Zappa, an alternate mono mix of his "Grunion Run" with The Hollywood Persuaders comes next.

The second of two experimental stereo mixes of Johnny Fisher's "Dream Tonight" reveals more clarity in the backing vocals which include Paul Buff. The other stereo mix will appear on a later volume. Another experiment was Buff's "Guitar/Vocal," which developed a backing vocal arrangement for a song that was not kept.

At last, the original stereo mix of The Masters' "Toothpick Boogie" finally turns up! Buff's 2007 reinterpretation ("Tropical Toothpick") was on Volume 4. The second Johnny Atlan backing track of "Indian Maid" carries us into Buff's quickie "Piano/Bass" before we get into Tornadoes territory!

The first of two Tornadoes-related songs is The Bongo Teens' version of the classic "Bustin' Surfboards." Despite being a three-chord song, "Bustin' Surfboards" remains a perennial favorite. The Bongo Teens' version was used in the 1988 film "Aloha Summer." A slightly longer version of "Bustin' Surfboards" appears on the "Raw Tracks" album. Following that, The Tornadoes themselves offer the Frank Zappa-engineered "Shootin' Beavers." When it was released in late 1963, parents were outraged that their children were listening to such a "lewd" song! While the title may have been in bad taste, the song was practically instrumental with the occasional side comment!

We covered The Pharos and their "Jack Irvin"-produced A-side "Pintor" a while back, but now we have the B-side "Rhythm Surfer." The song was written by Dave Aerni under his Irvin pseudonym, and it's no surprise that with this B-side title that the group changed their name to The Rhythm Surfers when they made some personnel changes. We continue the surf theme with Johnny Barakat's version of the traditional "Shortnin' Bread," which he called "Surfin' Bread." Later on, we have Barakat's "Surf Madness," another of his many Pal masters.

The Hollywood Persuaders' "Juarez" was the B-side of "Persuasion." This is the original (and only) stereo mix of the song that Paul Buff originally prepared for Original Sound. It was never used until the recent HP reissue of the stereo "Drums A-Go-Go" album.  

Between "Juarez" and "Surf Madness," we have Big Brother Featuring Ernie Joseph doing their complete rearrangement of Thee Sixpence's "Heart Full Of Rain" (Volume 11). The two versions are so different that you would think they are entirely different songs! It is, in fact, the same Mark Weitz song originally (and incorrectly) credited to Bill Holmes and Ernie Joseph.

Big Brother's "403 Halkirk" was part of a long suite ("Gravis Delictum [Unforgivable Sin]") that took up most of side two of their All-American album "Confusion" ("Heart Full Of Rain" was the side one opener.) We've edited out the bass solo from "403 Halkirk" because we want to keep things moving! Incidentally, "Confusion" was the first LP mixed by Paul Buff's Kepex electronic mixing system, which was a new product by Buff's company Allison Research. More information about Kepex can be found on The Buff Organization's album "Studio 'A'."

Buff's instrumental version of his "Love Is A Stranger" takes us to our finale, the second commercial promoting the "Freak Out In Cucamonga" concert at Chaffey College. Rock on!