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delphonic sounds today: del-fi does del-fi
    – incl.: the dekes of hazzard: ‘the world's greatest sinner’ (frank zappa)

1998 cd usa del-fi 2114

 2cd-promo has a second disc with the original tracks

the dekes of hazzard
  bo deke: guitar, vocals
luke deke: bass, vocals
  daisy deke: drums, vocals
  uncle jesse deke: background vocals

produced and engineered by dekes of hazzard

recorded at ecco-fonic studios, burbank, ca

  1. the brian jonestown massacre: i fought the law  (bobby fuller four)
  2. the liquor giants : hippy hippy shake  (chan romero)
  3. man or astroman? : yo yo's pad  (yo yo hashi)
  4. the tiki tones: the slauson shuffle  (the romancers)
  5. single bullet theory: my lovin' baby  (the beauchomins)
  6. neil mooney: hitch hiker  (bobby curtola)
  7. russell scott & his red hots: come on, let's go  (bobby fuller four)
  8. cloud eleven: things will work out fine  (beauregard ajax)
  9. wondermints: full moon  (eden ahbez)
  10. mello cads: an afternoon affair  (verrill keene)
  11. elliot easton's tiki gods: bullwinkle p. II  (the centurions)
  12. the jigsaw seen: luci baines  (the american four featuring arthur lee of love)
  13. the dekes of hazzard: the world's greatest sinner  (baby ray & the ferns - frank zappa)
  14. the negro problem: the magic touch  (bobby fuller four)
  15. baby lemonade: all in the run of a day  (barry white)
  16. dave allan & the arrows: our favorite martian  (bobby fuller four)
  17. wiskey biscuit: when i did the mashed potatoes with you  (larry bright)
  18. nan vernon: a new shade of blue  (bobby fuller four)
  19. los straitjackets: surf rider  (the lively ones)
  20. elliot kendall: donna  (ritchie valenz)