various artists

entwicklung der popmusik 2
    - incl.the mothers of invention: 'plastic people'

?? lp ger deutsche grammophon 2536016


  1. james brown: 'cold sweat'
  2. jimmy smith: 'got my mojo working'
  3. brian auger , julie driscoll & the trinity: 'season of the witch'
  4. the jimi hendrix experience: 'up from the skies'
  5. the mothers of invention: 'plastic people'
  6. the velvet underground: 'i'm waiting for my man'
  7. the tony williams lifetime: 'vuelta abajo'
  8. ten wheel drive with genya raven: 'tightrope'
  9. richie havens: 'run shaker life / do you feel good'