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favored nations 2005 sampler
    - feat. steve vai

2005 cd-promo usa favored nations fn1008p
  1. steve vai: building the church
  2. neal schon: blue passion
  3. billy sheehan: taj
  4. dave weiner: monument shine
  5. doppler, inc: fat lip
  6. reeves gabrels: undernearth
  7. eric sardinas: flames of love
  8. johnny a.: get inside
  9. johnny hiland: opus d'funk
  10. peppino d'agostino & stef burns: bayshore road
  11. tommy emanuel: (the man with the) green thumb
  12. pierre bensusan: sentimentales pyromaniaques
  13. james robinson: six giant steps to seven
  14. adrian legg: emneth