various artists

from vienna with love
    - incl. the residents, charles bobuck

2016 cd austria klanggalerie gg211



  1. eric random: intro  (eric random)
  2. renaldo m.: rosa's still lonely  (renaldo & the loaf)
  3. the burning hell: vienna  (billy joel)
  4. rapoon: brown eyes  (robin storey)
  5. r.b. russell: let there be more love / the man in the wood  (r.b. russel)
  6. naevus: vienna  (currie, cross, ure, cann)
  7. attrition & christopher richard barker: in every parting the shadow of death  (attrition)
  8. roma amor: mama leone  (benedetto arico, renate valpus)
  9. frenk lebel: systems collide  (frenk lebel)
  10. the darkening scale: the digital larynx  (david janssen)
  11. charles bobuck: valley waltz  (charles bobuck)
  12. eric random: intermission  (eric random)
  13. the residents: magic finger  (the residents)
  14. schwump: einstein's regret  (barry schwam)
  15. herr lounge corps & cadaverous condition: the gardens and graves (sleepwalking)  (miro snejdr, wolfgang weiss)
  16. 7jk: taking hte 71  (7jk)
  17. bumps: aphids martian home  (schwump)
  18. avery parks: what i thought was something turned out to be nothing  (avery parks)
  19. natascha schampus & thomas fröhlich: between states (die neue dunkelheit)  (natascha schamupus, william lee)
  20. paul roland: journey to the centre of the mind  (paul roland)
  21. eric random: outro  (eric random)