various artists

gianteyeballs' tribute to the residents
incl. tributes & coverversions

2004 internet-download    


  1. patrick harvey: residents in my butt
  2. chris combs: residents in my butt 02
  3. pw gonzoid: peewee
  4. david fields: rez tribute suite one
  5. david fields: i got no regrets
  6. michael kneidl: contantinopel
  7. pascal michel: direkt to disk vs flying sauce
  8. stunt puddles: bleeding into my hands
  9. organism: dimples and toes
  10. alex brunell: shut up shut up
  11. philip a. stranger: tribal teddy
  12. pw gonzoid: kokoon baboon
  13. pw gonzoid: i'm gettin' outta 'ere
  14. tim winson: 20 in the future
  15. simplifax: monorail (hybel-angst-version)
  16. catscan!: bach is dead
  17. bill montbleau: ode to the residents
  18. philo brag & qwe: lizard lady
  19. philo brag & qwe: hello skinny
  20. bilo brag & qwe: constantinople
  21. philo brag & qwe: where is she
  22. philip a. stranger: goat of my dreams
  23. diledadafis: ddf