various artists

give me rock vol.3
- incl.'i have been in you' (frank zappa)

1977 cd taiwan rock records id-1057


  1. muse: innocent voice
  2. muse: dawn
  3. caught in the act: do it for love
  4. isabelle antena: seaside trip
  5. isabelle antena: antenacidjazz
  6. the turtles: happy together
  7. frank zappa: i have been in you
  8. corona: i don't wanna be a star
  9. j.k.: my radio
  10. 2 brothers on the 4th floor: there's key
  11. twenty 4 seven: if u want my love
  12. whigfield: think of you
  13. whigfield: another day
  14. linda lewis: what's all this about
  15. american buffalo: what kind of this
  16. volcano: march of the lave
  17. volcano: cleansing