various artists

lords of karma
    - all compositions by satriani or vai

2002 cd nl mascot records m 7065 2

= satriani / vai tribute cd

produced by jake brown

  1. bruce kulick: 'always with me, always with you' (j.satriani)
  2. jake e. lee: 'surfing with the alien' (j.satriani)
  3. dave ragsdale: 'echo' (j.satriani)
  4. brad gillis: 'summer song' (j.satriani)
  5. neil zaza: 'friends' (j.satriani)
  6. enuff znuff: 'yankee rose' (david lee roth & steve vai)
  7. george lynch, tony harnell, jason mcmaster: 'shy boy' (billy sheehan)
  8. richard kendrick: 'the attitude song' (s.vai)
  9. tony janflone jr.: 'tender surrender' (s.vai)
  10. corey craven: 'tobacco road' (john d.loudermilk)