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mr. moonjune recommends : volume 1 - the open road
    – feat. chad wackerman

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  1. chad wackerman feat. allan holdsworth: the fifth (from "dreams nightmares and improvisations")
  2. asaf sirkis & the inner noise: nothingness first part i, nothingness (from "the song within")
  3. mark wingfield: parralax (from "sleeper street")
  4. john sund special venture: swivel (from "twice")
  5. october equus: una mirada furtiva en la noche saturnal (from "saturnal")
  6. jan akkerman: tranquilizer (from "cu 2-jan akkerman band live in tokyo")
  7. michel sajrawy: father (from "yathrib")
  8. nude fox ensemble: perfection light & life (from unreleased demo)
  9. beppe crovella (: gianfranco (from "pianovagando")
  10. chad wackerman: where you come from (from "legs eleven")
  11. claude pauly (luxembourg): incarnation highway (from "mind meets matter")
  12. nicolas meier trio: senses (from "breeze")
  13. dusan jevtovic: one more day (from "on the edge")
  14. asaf sirkis: stoned bird (from "the monk")
  15. john sund: balkano (from "the open road: a travelogue in 4 parts")
  16. mark wingfield & kevin kastning: air distance transform (from "i walked into the silver darkness")
  17. beledo: late show (from "montevideo jazz dream")
  18. ernesto holman etnojazz trio: atadecer (ellakomen antu) (from "reversiones")
  19. geoff eales & isorhythm: shifting sands (from "shifting sands")
  20. mustafa dönmez atmosfer: senin tercihin: your choice (from "agaçlarin öyküsü")
  21. freebeat feat. elton dean, tony bianco, jon wilkinson: sideway dreams (from "northern lights")
  22. claudio scolari w/ daniele cavalca & simone scolari: cold landscape (from "colors of red island")
  23. nicolas meier: marble dance (from "journey")
  24. marbin: crystall bells (from "marbin")
  25. el trio: la necia (from "la blanca y la gris")