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mystery disc
    – all compositions by frank zappa

1987 lp nl gus records gus 1200/1 1987


bleeding romeo
yamaha hurricane

produced by guus veldhuis

  1. bleeding romeo: zoot allures
  2. bleeding romeo: r.r. (= ‘montana’)
  3. bleeding romeo: king kong
  4. bleeding romeo: trouble every day
  5. bleeding romeo: strictly genteel
  6. yamaha hurricane: little house i used to live in
  7. r.t.c.: brown shoes don't make it
  8. r.t.c.: revised music for low budget studio
  9. r.t.c.: uncle meat variations
  10. r.t.c.: let's make the water turn black
  11. r.t.c.: king kong
  12. yamaha hurricane: absolutely free

additional info from guus veldhuis:
a lot of years ago, i produced a zappa tribute album under the name mystery disc.  it was a free gift attached to the entrance tickit of a zappa day in eindhoven.
here is the story behind the album.
for years and years i organized zappa convention days in eindhoven and later in europe. when i started this in 1983 it was as a protest because you hardly could hear zappa music on the radio and even less in concerts or in bars. the fist time i called the 12 hour show "let's drink some beer and hear.. ....fz"  and more then 400 people showed up. great start and the following years it became bigger and bigger and more difficult to find interesting stuff, good bands or video's. also there came only few reactions for help to run the show or material to show in the shows and the people became only interested in the market. the last thing that happened and made me stop doing the shows was the fact that the fans became older and boring and many of them lost their r & r soul. in every show i added new elements and beside the normal performances, slideshows and video's, i tried different musicians and other experiments in the zappa field.
ok, now the album. i made 1200 pieces and 800 were enclosed with the entrance ticket for the show. 200 for the press and 200 for the people who played and helped with it. i paid the album with putting advertisement on the back and some money from the entrance ticket which was about 6 dollars.

info from patrick neve:
to get the full story from the source itself, and also to hear the album in realaudio format, you really must visit: