various artists

an introduction to nasoni records berlin
- incl.johnson noise: 'trouble every day' (frank zappa)

2005 cd-pro ger nasoni


  1. liquid sound company: cube head
  2. colour haze: roses
  3. vibravoid: black and white
  4. 3speed automatic: no man's land
  5. davolinas: i want you to burn with me
  6. nightstalker: don't blow my high
  7. octopus syng: varanasi rock'n'roll all night long
  8. q.o.p.h.: resh
  9. johnson noise: trouble every day (f.zappa)
  10. sienna root: trippin'
  11. majestic scene: blue
  12. weltraumstaunen: pollenflug
  13. zendik communal arts: superman is paralyzed
  14. zone six: first trip
  15. polytoxicomane philharmonie: too sad lady