various artists

noises for the limb - a tribute to the bonzo dog band

2003 cd uk wood records wr69

limited edition of 499 copies


  1. r. stevie moore: readymades (neil innes, vivian stanshall)

  2. zoogz rift: i want to be with you (neil innes)

  3. attack wave pest repeller: noises for the leg (vivian stanshall)

  4. lolwolf: my pink half of the drainpipe (neil innes, vivian stanshall)

  5. silt fish: waiting for the wardrobe (roger ruskin spear)

  6. nitwit featuring orimar2: death cab for cutie (vivian stanshall)

  7. casper fandango and the cookies: sport (the odd boy) (vivian stanshall)

  8. maryjane: slush (neil innes)

  9. sport murphy: piggy bank love (neil innes)

  10. spaceheaters: look out there's a monster coming (vivian stanshall)

  11. ernesto diaz-infante: 11 mustachioed daughters (vivian stanshall)

  12. peter dizozza: hello mabel (neil innes)

  13. david spero peligro: rockalizer baby (neil innes, vivian stanshall)

  14. knyaz mishkin: mix from dog

  15. mwf: shirt (roger ruskin spear)

  16. ellenm: rhinocratic oaths (neil innes, vivian stanshall)

  17. johnny j: urban spaceman (neil innes)