various artists

pebbles vol.3
    incl. teddy & his patches: 'suzy creamcheese' (frank zappa)

19?? lp ?? ??
1992 cd australia aip cd 5020
  1. higher elevation: the diamond mine
  2. teddy & patches: suzy creamcheese
  3. crystal chandlier: suicidal flowers
  4. william penn V: swami
  5. jefferson handkerchief: i'm allergic to flowers
  6. calico wall: flight reaction
  7. hogs: loose lip sync ship
  8. driving stupid: reality of air - fried borsk
  9. driving stupid: horror asparagus stories
  10. third bardo: five years ahead of my time
  11. bees: voices green & purple
  12. monocles: spider & the fly
  13. godfrey: let's take a trip
  14. tc atlantic: faces
  15. lea riders group: dom kellar os mods
  16. race marbles: like a dribbling fram
  17. painted faces: anxious color
  18. adjeef the poet: ieek, i'm a freak
  19. adjeef the poet: squafrech lemon comes back
  20. beautiful daze: city jungle, pt.1
  21. catfish knight: deathwise
  22. oshun: rattle of life