various artists

people doing strange things with electricity too
    - including 'electricity' (ch.walker), with beefheart samples

2005 download internet csr054

disc one

  1. christ2oootm: hemi-powered hear me!
  2. the apartment: electromusetic sound
  3. brion kinne: where did all these dust bunnies come from?
  4. toby paddock: magnambiece_m3
  5. ninnie: pretty polly
  6. yann novak: an end and a beginning
  7. jeremy winters: baby robot nursery
  8. tamara albaitis: anticipate
  9. filastine: figuig
  10. ffej: modern day gavel
  11. chenard walcker: electricity
  12. marcus alessi bittencourt: rabo de arriya
  13. inboil: i invented electricity (dorkmix)
  14. christopher delaurenti: attempting anthem

disc two 

  1. syphilis sauna: hhallway
  2. carl lierman: thuzwolf
  3. jason freeman: n.a.g. (network auralization for gnutella): dorkbot mix
  4. lucas kuzma: amble/orth/derecon
  5. joshua herrala: facade
  6. martin mccavitt: three events
  7. shaun wilson: statica
  8. carl juarez: interstellar intercept
  9. mutant data orchestra: zzyzx
  10. roger hayes: untitled
  11. lullabelle: ?somos magneticos?