various artists

punk chartbusters, vol. 3
    - feat. die ärzte: ‘stick it out’,’what's the ugliest part of your body’ (frank zappa)

2000 cd ger spv 87252
  1. mars moles: barbie girl

  2. me first + the gimme gimmies: don't let the sun goes down

  3. punkles: sie liebt dich

  4. wohlstandskinder:  take on me

  5. mxpx: summer of 69

  6. bullocks: losing my religion

  7. wisecraker: when the rain begins to fall

  8. swoons: til the end of the day

  9. untergangskommando: girls just wanna have fun

  10. digger: true blue

  11. scabies: no milk

  12. millencolin: every breath you take

  13. billy rubin: like a hurricane

  14. kick joneses: glass of champagne

  15. nobodys: 30 days

  16. c.i.a.: in the ghetto

  17. schussler du: true faith

  18. daddy memphis: hang on snoopy

  19. adolescents: house of the rising sun

  20. daisies: crash

  21. rhythm collision: she drives me crazy

  22. mustard plug: freshman

  23. across the border: boxer

  24. saint zero: short people

  25. samiam: cry baby cry

  26. bradleys: walking on sunshine

  27. bubble b. & the coconuts: blue hotel

  28. snuff: i think we're alone now

  29. jet bumpers: radar love

  30. die ärzte: stick it out

  31. crivits: breakaway

  32. psychotic youth: cold hard cash

  33. germ attack: our house

  34. badtime for bonzo: sunday mondays

  35. jeff dahl: 2 headed dog

  36. hoblins choice: daydream believer

  37. 30 foot fall: still rock'n'roll to me

  38. sigi pop: wig wam bam

  39. no fun at all: welcome to the working week

  40. heiter bis wolkig: moskau

  41. parasites: suzanne

  42. vagieenas: i give you my heart

  43. pug must die: help

  44. noe: andrea doria

  45. hi-standard: have you ever seen the rain

  46. under the church: me + the farmer

  47. skin of tears: love is a batttlefield

  48. baken beans: karma chameleon

  49. frau doktor: strychnine

  50. yeti girls: der hund von baskerville