various artists

the residents unmasked! vol.1

1993 k7 usa  

compiled by ???

all compositions by the residents

  1. smithism: 'hello skinny'
  2. x-ray pop: 'constantinople'
  3. steven clark: 'santa dog (four variations)': 'disco dog', 'funky dog', 'honky dog', 'beyond the valley of a dog in the life'
  4. mike shannon: 'skratz'
  5. urban force organization: 'monkey and bunny'
  6. big city orchestra: 'beyond the valley of a day in the life:, the residents play big city orchestra'
  7. the occupants: 'smelly tongues', 'sinister exaggerator'
  8. cervis: 'the laughing song / hello skinny'
  9. the psylos: 'the simple song'
  10. gobi littledove: 'perfect love'
  11. teen lesbians and animals: 'time's up'
  12. mark hanley: 'living in vain'
  13. theatre of ice: ‘semolina'
  14. bx3: 'festival of death'
  15. field trip: 'smelly tongues'
  16. the guilt: 'the booker tease'
  17. warmth: 'monkey and bunny'
  18. ism: 'constantinople'
  19. margaret freeman: 'smash your lips (crash your teeth)'
  20. the buds: 'the new hymn', 'ship's a-goin' down', 'smelly tongues'
  21. warmth: 'hard and tenderly / devotion'
  22. the shockheaded peters: 'blue rosebuds'