various artists

- incl. j.davey: 'dirty love' (frank zappa)

2006 2lp usa ubiquity urlp195
2006 cd usa ubiquity urcd195


  1. el michels affair: 'walk on by' (burt bacharach)
  2. black shakespeare feat. charlie charles: 'dreams' (fleetwood mac)
  3. the rebirth: 'handle it' (the sylvers)
  4. j.davey: 'dirty love' (frank zappa)
  5. nuspirit helsinki: 'no quarter' (led zeppelin)
  6. the randy watson experience feat.nikki jean of nouveau riche: 'be still my beating heart' (sting)
  7. psapp: 'ev'rybody wants to be a cat' (the aristocats)
  8. osunlade: 'crazy you' (prince nelson)
  9. daz-i-kue feat. bembe segue and colonel red: 'spoiled' (ben e. king)
  10. henrik schwarz: 'l'abeille' (guem et zaka)
  11. owusu & hannibal: 'caroline, no' (beach boys)