various artists

spark - poster gallery special, vol. 1
    – incl. dog eat dog: ‘why does it hurt when i pee?’ (frank zappa)

1996 cd cs globus international glsp 001-2
  1. type of negative: love you to death
  2. dog eat dog: why does it hurt when i pee?  (frank zappa)
  3. fear factory: new breed
  4. morgoth: and it's amazing consequences
  5. machine head: real eyes realize real lies
  6. moonspell: opium
  7. exploited: they lie
  8. anathema: ascensoin
  9. my dying bride: all swept away
  10. samael: a man in your head
  11. morphine: buena
  12. boo yaa tribe: in gun we trust
  13. sentenced: i'll throw the first rock
  14. morgana lefay: creatures of the hierarchy
  15. yngwie malmsteen: manic depression
  16. sepultura: chaos bc