various artists

spittle compilation 
    - feat sandro oliva

1987 lp italy spittle records sp 2040 comp 002


side one 

  1. not moving: spider  (m.rocchetta, a.bacciocchi)

  2. juggernaut: ulster 77  (v.alterini)

  3. cab 04: primavera 86  (r.novelli, s.bucci)

  4. thelema: sweet submission  (m.mantovani)

  5. dive: sto cercando  (a.andreini, f.salvadori)

  6. limbo: spiritual night fly  (g.l.becuzzi)

  7. dark quarterer: colossus of argil  (d.marchi, f.serena)

side two

  1. leanan sidhe: islands of nowhere  (m.cioni)

  2. and also the trees: the dwelling place  (j. jones)

  3. aidons la norvege: cavalieri  (a.costantini, a.croce)

  4. yalta: your games  (s.capecchi)

  5. neon: red light  (m.michelotti)

  6. overload: my desire  (v.nistri)

  7. sandro oliva & the blue pampurio's: aria malsana  (s.oliva)