various artists

this is offensive
    – incl. whirling dervishes: ‘why does it hurt when i pee?’ (frank zappa)

1994 cd usa continuum records cond-19240
  1. e.mason: the many meanings of fuck
  2. dean & the weanies: fuck you
  3. whirling dervishes: why does it hurt when i pee?  (frank zappa)
  4. the quilldridge mens choir: asshole
  5. summer nationals: orgasm addict
  6. gus & the snowmen: some girls
  7. gus & the snowmen: mcdonalds
  8. mondo boffo with scorpio: i wanna be a marine
  9. - : my true meeting with the shah of iran
  10. jodelle: the caucasian guilt blues
  11. gus & the snowmen: the nra medley
  12. gus & the snowmen: no safe sex allowed
  13. gus & the snowmen: i hate people
  14. the simon quiss experience: short people
  15. gus & the snowmen: god has resigned
  16. brother blanca & the monks of mayonnaise: the caucasion guilt chant