various artists

walkman meltdown volume 3
                                 - more american music

    - incl. l'edarps a moth: 'ms pinky' (frank zappa)

1992 k7 swe hypertonia world enterprises

compiled & edited by jr bruun

  1. l'edarps a moth: ms pinky (frank zappa)
  2. don campau: wiffle ball rag
  3. the evolution control committee: the mighty hamburger / sickness
  4. the mood swingers: up & down
  5. don campau & charles laurel: helter skelter / it's alright charlie (lennon, mccartney, campau)
  6. lmnop: garbage
  7. john bartles: plastic town
  8. charles laurel: willie stands up
  9. filucy hootchie kootchie band: longbranch ferry
  10. sinister attraction: ntt
  11. dead air prod.: signs predicting the end of the world
  12. dead air prod.: tell yourself this is real
  13. eric braŁn: cease to exist / age (manson)
  14. the wooden soldiers: a thousand miles away
  15. sosumi: nuke them all
  16. t.wayne wilson indigenous people
  17. dr.mongo tari-bubu and love grenade: rant chant
  18. the evolution control committee: dan quayle / time-life commercial
  19. steve & kristi nebel: on fishermen
  20. mjb-90: female mistake