various artists

who killed ralph?
    - incl. various artists playing residents compositions

2016 download -- bandcamp


  1. mr mute: numb erone
  2. catscan!: lizard lady
  3. substance w: easter woman
  4. the inhabitants: smelly tongues
  5. the inhabitants: hello skinny
  6. substance w: blue rosebuds
  7. catscan!: the nameless souls
  8. mute's band: kaw-liga
  9. r carmen: bach is dead
  10. dog head: the walrus hunt
  11. bunny boy: monkey and bunny
  12. meshigarse & brayn death: sinister exaggerator
  13. the chubs: the booker tease
  14. urpite: blue rosebuds
  15. the avons: picnic boy
  16. bunny boy: torniquet of roses
  17. dog head: the new hymn
  18. klonoton: six things to a cycle
  19. enzo aprile: not available theme
  20. gefährliche klons: yummi 'n' roll
  21. edisons fault: jailhouse rock
  22. urpite: santa dog
  23. stimmzoo: mahogany wood