various artists

who killed ralph? III
    - incl. various artists playing residents compositions

2016 download -- bandcamp


  1. mr spivey: the coming of the crow
  2. mieze rez: on the way to oklahoma
  3. mute's band: mahogany wood
  4. mr mute: ship's going down
  5. dr gonnella: when we were young
  6. mr spivey: krafty cheese
  7. dog head: loneliness
  8. the inhabitians: lizard lady
  9. the nameless soul: dying oilman
  10. wormcrack: eskimo icky flix vileness fats
  11. eiskaltes handchen: eskimo kidnapped
  12. paper shoes: 44
  13. the organization: jailhouse rock
  14. mr spivey: santa dog
  15. the eye screams: smelly tongues
  16. bunny boy: constantinople
  17. enzo aprile: crashing
  18. gefahrliche klons: telstar over 3rd reich
  19. bunny boy: benny, the bouncing bump
  20. mutleht: ships a going down
  21. enzo aprile: the simple song
  22. mr spivey: easter woman
  23. mr mute: japanese watercolour