various artists

who killed ralph, too?
    - incl. various artists playing residents compositions

2016 download -- bandcamp


  1. mr mute: the moles are coming
  2. mr spivey: lizard lady
  3. moneur aprile: floyd
  4. dog head: hello skinny
  5. chesty vulva: hanging by his hair
  6. sire beradinelli: demons dance alone
  7. point a pistol at the sun: 44
  8. b spivey: scent of mint
  9. sir gonella: death in barstow
  10. the inhabitants: satisfaction
  11. mr mute: ship's a going down
  12. bunny boy: my window
  13. mr spivey: red rider
  14. dog head: semolina
  15. substance w: perfect love
  16. the tweedler: susie smiles
  17. mr mute: whatever happened to vileness fats
  18. the eye screams: santa dog
  19. mr schroeder: simple song
  20. point a pistol at the sun: melloncollie lassie
  21. the cryptica: diskomo
  22. the mistaken: picnic in the jungle
  23. d fields: demons dance alone