various artists

ya gotta have moxie, volume one
    - incl. the basooties: 'you didn't try to call me' (frank zappa)

1998 2cd usa aip cd 1059

disc one

  1. avengers: open your eyes
  2. badd boys: never going back to georgia
  3. basooties: you didn't try to call me (frank zappa)
  4. bassmen: last laugh
  5. bassmen: i need you
  6. beatin' path: original nothing people
  7. beau hannon: who's got the right of way
  8. beaver patrol: esp
  9. beer: some kinda rich girl
  10. bees: leave me be
  11. big town boys: august 32nd
  12. birdwatchers: i'm gonna love you anyway
  13. black sheep: it's my mind
  14. boo boo & bunky: turn around
  15. boy blues: coming down to you
  16. brand x: she lied
  17. brave new world: it's tomorrow
  18. bruthers: bad love
  19. bush: dont you fret
  20. cave-dwellers: meditation
  21. centurys: hard times
  22. chantels: shaggy baggy joe
  23. chantels: have you ever felt blue
  24. chayns: why did you hurt me
  25. checkerlads: baby send for me
  26. checkerlads: shake yourself down
  27. cheques: to stone

disc two

  1. cherry slush: i cannot stop you
  2. children: this sportin life
  3. chocolate balloon: gotta get this
  4. chocolate moose: chocolate moose theme
  5. chosen few: asian chrome
  6. chris morgan / togas: would you believe
  7. chylds: hay girl
  8. cindermen: don't knock it
  9. claytons: you're puttin me on
  10. cobras: if i can't believe her
  11. collectors: make it easy
  12. communication aggregation: freakout usa
  13. country classic esquire: nashville blues
  14. country gentlemen: saturday night
  15. dan atello: questions i cannot answer
  16. dan curry: you'd better change
  17. deepest blue: pretty little thing
  18. deepest blue: somebody's girl
  19. defiant 4: away from home
  20. destinys children: for me
  21. destinys children: the collectors
  22. dewayne & beldettas: hurtin'
  23. distant cousins: she aint lovin you
  24. don / agitators: going back home
  25. down 5: i'm takin it home
  26. moxies: happy birthday to us!