the cover of strange project: some bizarre (zimbo 7)
the cover of various artists: polite notice (zimbo 8)

strange project  /  various artists

strange project: some bizarre  /  various artists: polite notice
    feat.the smelly tongues

198? 2k7 nl zimbo 7 & 8

strange project's "some bizarre" got released in a limited edition of 52 copies (zimbo 7).
the first 12 copies of strange project's "some bizarre" release got a bonus: 'a free six-track e.p. quasette in a special package' (zimbo 8).


strange project: some bizarre (zimbo 7)

side one

  1. mad lee

side two

  1. bianca
  2. the others


various artists: polite notice

side one

  1. zimbo + wedge: dead end

side two

  1. the smelly tongues: the residents play the smelly tongues and the smelly tongues play the residents