ike willis

dirty pictures (2)

1998 cd usa muffin record productions cdmrp037

  ike willis: lead n' bg.vocals, lead n' rhythm guitar, hammond b3, grand piano, percussion, electric piano, teeth, nerves
  tony britton: rhythm & lead guitars, stress, whipcracking
  stu gerson: bass, bg.vocals, woody, t.v.e.
  ryan butson: drums, percussion, comedy, punchy overload
  jeff aluiani: synthesizers
  andi thomas willis: vocal harmonies, percussion
  mark young: stunt percussion
  greg fisher: percussion, comedy, punchy overload

produced and arranged ike willis

  1. the clock (ike willis)
  2. the doctor is in (ike willis)
  3. sun son (ike willis)
  4. blond hair / blond teeth (ike willis)
  5. eve of newt (ike willis)
  6. i know (willis, britton)
  7. love theme (ike willis)
  8. inside / out (britton, willis)
  9. planet no.3 (britton, willis)
  10. andy young (ike willis)
  11. love tax (ike willis)
  12. a j (ike willis)
  13. yo kats (ike willis)
  14. bad time II (ike willis)
  15. dirty pictures (michael willis, ike willis)