shiny beast and the whip it out ensemble

we're only in it for the money
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2006 cdr-promo canada private release

this disc was part of the "shiny beast and the whip it out ensemble" promotional package

recorded live at the big secret theatre, 2003/01/18, in calgary, canada

directed by michael green

andy curtis: vocals
onalea gilbertson: vocals
ty semaka: vocals
david van belle: vocals
jeff drummond: guitar
chipp robb: bass
david rhymer: piano
craig soby: trombone & keyboards
dan meichel: saxophone
dave foley: trumpet
brent van dusen: marimba & percussion
peter moller: drums & percussion
anita miotti: freak
katie sanders: freak
richard kolke: dramaturge
cimmeron meyer: stage & lighting design / production manager
gavin shaw: stage monster
chipp robb: sound design
derek waite: sound operator
ken clarke: photography and cover design

  1. are you hung up?
  2. who needs the peace corps?
  3. concentration moon
  4. mom & dad
  5. telephone conversation
  6. bow tie daddy
  7. harry, you're a beast
  8. what's the ugliest part of your body?
  9. absolutely free
  10. flower punk
  11. hot poop / nasal retentive calliope music
  12. let's make the water turn black
  13. harry, you're a beast (instrumental)
  14. the orange county lumber truck
  15. oh no
  16. the orange county lumber truck
  17. harry, you're a beast (instrumental)
  18. theme from lumpy gravy
  19. the idiot bastard son
  20. lonely little girl
  21. take your clothes off when you dance
  22. what's the ugliest part of your body? (reprise)
  23. mother people
  24. king kong
  25. flower punk (reprise)