x-legged sally

[1986-1997] compilation cd

2014 cd bel igloo igl255

compilation by peter vermeersch
remastered by daniel léon

pierre vervloesem: guitars, vocals
michel mast: baritone & tenor sax
danny van hoeck: drums, percussion
peter vermeersch: tenor sax, clarinets, vocals
bruno deneuter: bass
paul belgrado: bass
bart maris: trumpet
jean luc plouvier: keyboards
peter vandenberghe: keyboards
thierry mondelaers: vocals
eric sleichim: alto sax
sally c.s.: x-noise & twists
the smith quartet
  deirdre cooper: cello
  ian humphries: violin
  charles mutter: violin
  nic pendlebury: viola

  1. nuages gris

  2. anthem - the land of the giant dwarfs

  3. it's a baby

  4. out of the pit

  5. zippo raid

  6. still life with ray

  7. yesbody 1

  8. black head blue blues

  9. quorns

  10. bleedproof

  11. down at the dinghy

  12. eddies

  13. fes II

  14. did you get your milk, stewart?

  15. hair

  16. r.i.p.

  17. the shab of blah

  18. little hearts poor man's rain