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alan zavod had been playing keyboards for jean-luc ponty before joining fz.

i saw an old x-rated movie from the late 70's early 80's called, "a taste of money" staring constance money, the girl who played the neighbor in the movie "10"...anyway...the credits listed alan zavod as the musical director and composer.

the ufo movie communion, directed in 1989 by phillipe mora and starring christopher walken, has music by 'allan zaphod'. the same guy?

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alan zavod is living in melbourne, australia (his home town), variously playing in a tribute band (zappa instrumentaal) and as a jazz pianist at jazz clubs.  i remember an article about a year ago in which zavod put himself on the market as a 'composer for hire'.

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alan zavod plays on jean-luc ponty's 'live' album ('79).

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alan has been pretty busy as a film composer. here's what the internet movie database lists:

from: (alistair clarke) - date: 29 oct 1997

allan was in town a couple of months ago to see a play that he'd written the music for. (a version of 'the hobbit' using puppetery) some friends met him at the opening night reception and he asked to sit in. apparently james, (the bass player) was sweating all over the keyboard trying to keep up. they played 'on green dolphin st' at some tempo well over 220. he's working on tv on a show called "good morning australia".


allan has recorded two solo albums and working on the third called classic hymns volumes I,II,III.  you can find out more by going to:

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not only has he been busy as a film composer (about 30 australian and american film and t.v. scores according to article i read).  it said he wrote the score for award winning childrens film by scott hicks the director of the movie "shine" and for the movie "communion", he wrote the score, eric clapton wrote the opening theme.  according to the "oxford companion to australian music" which has a section on allan zavod.  he represented australia in the asia song contest in the late 80's and won with a song sung by famous australian singer kate ceberano.  he is also in the "penguin guide to jazz" for recordings with billy cobham and jean-luc ponty.

there is a c.d. available called "music for australia 1988" in it there is a speech from h.r.h prince charles, some other music and allan performing some of a fusion piano concerto he wrote for australia day at the opera house.

i saw a t.v. interview in adelaide last year when he wrote a trumpet concerto for james morrison written for orchestra and jazz trio. according to my australian source he has since been commissioned to write several more for other well known soloists.


allan has been in arizona working on a project for gordie hormel of hormel spam fame.  he's also doing a beneift concert tonight for a private school in provo, ut. 7:30 p.m. 300 n. 900 east.  (1/22/00)