"ICE-Z: International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology"

2004/01/16  london, uk

Message from Militant Esthetix

Dear all
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As announced in The Wire for January 2004 ...
ICE-Z: International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology
will take place on Friday, 16 January 2004, 10.00-5.30
at Theatro Technis, 26 Crowndale Road, London NW1 1TT
Nearest London Underground station: Mornington Crescent. (Also close, King Cross.)

Admission: 3 Pounds Sterling or 4 Euros
Drawing its speakers from Vancouver, Rome, Leipzig, Paris, Cambridge and Manchester  and London, ICE-Z is a summit meeting for theorists and activists who believe an entertaining, scabrous and CRITICAL popular culture is both possible and necessary. We are Marxists who take seriously Brecht's comment about the proximity of dialectics to laughter. The event is suitable for Zappa fans, Zappa detractors, radical philosophers, anti-capitalists, musicologists, adornoites & pop-studies victims everywhere. It is TOTALLY unfunded by any commercial or academic institutions. Please SPREAD THE WORD!!! United Mutations & Intercontinental Absurdities Inc are today REBORN (and let's not forget the Everpopular Intercontinental Lentil) ...
Er, Where Were We?
The pressure of competition forces cultural producers to niche-market their wares to specific layers of the social totality, thus - whatever their "ostensible politics" - confirming capitalism's division of labour. Yet currently the image of "global unity" has never been so widely invoked, both in politics (the Don't Attack Iraq demonstrations of 15 February 2003) and pop music (an international market). What would a GENUINE UNIVERSAL MUSIC sound like, and could we bear to listen to it? Frank Zappa's rebarbative cocktail of Dada, Avant, Shock Rock and Rhythm'n'Blues still obsesses those of us who demand mass art gives us experience rather than identity. This is the first time these off-piste cultural irritants have collected together, but it won't be the last. Come and stick your oar in while the water's fresh.
Papers (some academic, some, er, less so ...) include: 
Marco Maurizi (Rome) on Theodor Adorno's piano compositions for children, pigs & ponies, Zappa's principle of structural interruption.
Kiki Benzon (Vancouver) on Frank Zappa & Felix Guattari.
Simon Prentis (Hampstead) on "The Torture Never Stops".
Stu Calton (Levenshulme) "Water Melon In Easter Hay: the Poverty of the Individual Spirit".
Sean Bonney (Vauxhall) on the poetics of Trout Mask Replica.
Gamma (Kentish Town) on Snorks, Shopping Bags & Madness.
Keston Sutherland (Cambridge) on Zappa's Prosody.
Dominique Jeunot (Paris) on Animals & Dogs in Zappa's Oeuvre.
Esther Leslie/Ben Watson (Somers Town) "Some Reflections on Zappology as Gnomic Ritual".
Jürgen Gispert (Leipzig) on The Conservatism of Easy Rider: Zappa's Critique of "Freedom".
Richard Hemmings (Leicester) on Randomness in Zappa's Oeuvre.
Paul Sutton (St Mary's) on Iain Sinclair, Zappa, Para-Science & Alchemy.
Francesco Gentile (Rome) "Xenoarrangements, or, Insane Grafts Day-Dreamed by a Zappa hardcore Fanatic not inclined to exit his Monomaniacal World".
Les Fils de L'Invention (Paris) Tableau Vivant concerning the baroque composer and cellist Francesco Zappa (fl. 1763-88).
Eleanor Crook (Cheshunt) moustache installation.
In the evening (7.00pm) Evil Dick & the Banned Members will play their fiendish glitz-rock randomness'n' tunes at the College Arms on Crowndale Road. DJs. Quiz. Prizes. Sandwiches.
Did someone say Fast 'n Bulbous?
What you see damp, Parasitic!
e-details from <www.militantesthetix.co.uk> press Entree and then click on
 "ICE-Z: International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology", or, if you prefer, try <www.esemplasm.co.uk> and choose the ICE-Z option
This conference has been organised by Ben Watson, who communicates best via telephone (020) 7388 8679 and meetings in the Halfway House pub in Camden Town ...
This Xmas is ugly and it wants to die

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-- info: Esther Leslie

A note from Esther and Ben at Militantesthetix to inform you that ...

ICE-Z: International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology

... which took place at Theatro Technis on Crowndale Road on Friday, 16 January 2004, has now been put ONLINE ...

inscrutable philosophical papers ... sentimental reminiscences ... poodle revelations ... golden turds & Zen Buddhism ... Peter Frampton's wrist array ... the true meaning of HRATCHE-PLCHE & Kaiser Rolls ... Cheepnis versus the commercial sublime ... materialist polemic ... rocket science ... insane grafts ... cute photographs of delegates in front of the speakers' pink satin tablecloth (stills from Esther's camcorder or Bruno Le Tohic's camera) ... anti-Mojo ranting ... pearls from the Output Marco-Structure (Maurizi extensions) ... photos of the drinking and dancing to Zappa records at the College Bar ... Evil Dick & the Banned Members ... Les Fils de l'Invention in wigs and drag portraying Francesco Zappa (fl. 1763-88) ... a freakmap of Crowndale Road ... late-nite discussions in front of anti-Nyman placards ... as advertised on a slip of paper given to select members of the audience for the Grandmothers with Don Preston, Roy Estrada & Napoleon Murphy Brock at the Borderline last night ... the secret word is:


PS: People in London (or those anywhere who can access webradio on www.resonancefm.com) listen to Resonance 104.4 FM at 2pm (GMT)  on Wednesday to hear Brendon Burton on Beefheart, politics and world music !!!  !!! !!! !!!

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