TMOQ FZ-503: the cover
TMOQ FZ-503: on red vinyl

frank zappa

200 motels

?? lp-bootleg ?? tmoq

This was one of the earliest FZ underground lps to surface. This lp is often confused with the soundtrack of the same name, so it is sometimes referred to as "Contempo '70", named after the 1 day performance. The music here was played as one long piece including many segments of songs later to be found on the soundtrack. It was originally released in 1972, but has been re-released on TMOQ FZ 503 with various color slicks on the front. Many of the TMOQ pressings were on colored vinyl including one called 'zebra wax' which is a clear vinyl with black streaks. Some other re-releases of this lp are on TMOQ 71010 with a slick on the front & Box Top Records with its pressings on colored vinyl. This lp has been re-released many times as a double lp set with the "At The Olympic" album."

1970/05/15 concert 'pauley pavillion', ucla, ca, usa
frank zappa, ray collins, ian underwood, billy mundi, don preston, jeff simmons, jim sherwood and aynsley dunbar, plus the los angeles philharmonic orchestra (conducted by zubin mehta)

side one

  1. intro rap
  2. a pound for a brown on the bus
  3. incl.
     holiday in berlin
     the duke of prunes
     penis dimension (early version)

side two

  1. a pound for a brown on the bus
     penis dimension (early version) - cont.
     inca roads chord pattern
     who needs the peace corps
     cruising for burgers
    a pound for a brown on the bus
    eric dolphy memorial barbecue
     oh no