frank zappa

the alternate freak out

2010 2lp-bootleg ?? yellow snow records 001

limited edition of 500 copies

the source is the two original mastertape stereo mixdowns which were intended for use in the first edition of "freak out"

frank zappa * ray collins * jimmy carl black * roy estrada * elliot ingber

side a

  1. wowie zowie
  2. you didn't try to call me
  3. trouble comin' every day
  4. no heart
  5. how could i be such a fool

side b

  1. i'm not satisfied
  2. motherly love
  3. who are the brain police?
  4. any way the wind blows
  5. hungry freaks, daddy

side c

  1. you're probably wondering why i'm here
  2. go cry on somebody else's shoulder  (zappa, collins)
  3. help, i'm a rock

side d

  1. cream cheese