frank zappa

anyway the wind blows - frank in paris

1982 2lp-bootleg eur rondo-lette high fidelity fp 101/2
198? 2lp-bootleg usa raven records fp 101/2

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
This double european lp with a deluxe two color cover was released in 1982. The first runs were on reddish brown vinyl with black splashes. Re-released as "Zapp...A...Paris" with a small title sticker on a white jacket. These were also on reddish brown vinyl. Re-released with a black & white front cover & a red back cover of the original release, on black vinyl. Re-released in the states on (Raven Records FP 101/2) with the same red/black cover & vinyl. The labels on these where blank white. This set is also out as "Frank Zappa Gets His Shit Together In Europe 1979"."

1979/02/24 concert 'nouvel hippodrome', paris, france

frank zappa, denny walley, ike willis, tommy mars, peter wolf, vinnie colaiuta, arthur barrow and warren cuccurullo

side one

  1. watermelon in easter hay

  2. dead girls of london

  3. ain't got no heart

  4. brown shoes don't make it

  5. cosmik debris

side two

  1. tryin' to grow a chin

  2. city of tiny lites

  3. dancin' fool

  4. easy meat

side three

  1. jumbo, go away

  2. andy

  3. inca roads

  4. florentine pogen

side four

  1. honey, don't you want a man like me?

  2. keep it greasey

  3. the meek shall inherit nothing

  4. for the young sophisticate

  5. wet t-shirt night

  6. why does it hurt when i pee?

  7. peaches en regalia